Our agency

The team of sales agents accompanish you from the beginning of your real estate project, whether it is a purchase, a sale or a rental.

A service is dedicated to the rental of apartments and villas (rental furnished or vacant rental) and management with a guarantee unpaid rents or not.

Regarding a real estate purchase, the real estate agency "Roi Soleil" helps you to define your project in terms of need, lifestyle and financing. The sales team will accompanish you till the completion of your project.

Regarding a real estate sale, the real estate agency "Roi Soleil" will put at your disposal its skills and experience to define the conditions of sale of your property, and will accompanish you for all the modalities until the effective sale of your property.

Regarding a rental of an apartment, a villa, empty or furnished, the team dedicated to the rental will be able to define with you the conditions of rent.

All the properties rented or marketed by the real estate agency "Roi Soleil" will be displayed on various media : Magazines as the case may be, showcase display, broadcast on websites specific to the agency or on the sites of its service providers.

The recurring and daily passage of the commercial area allows a significant number of views of the ads. In addition to displaying in the showcase of the agency, the sales agents are able to suggest directly to passing customers. The sales team informs and keeps the customer's requests "to sell", "to buy" or "to rent" in order to propose real estates later.

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